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by the fbi, led by george venzalos in new york. today the fbi represented by april brooks, in charge of the criminal division. i want to thank george and april for their dedication and for the dedication of their teams, fbi agents, notably doug left, dave shav and kathy diskin and matthew callahan, bj kank, james hinkle and matthew thorson for their incredibly hard work and assistan assistance. we wouldn't be here but for all their dedication and hard work and also want to thank the many staff attorneys at the securities and exchange commission at the enforcement division with whom we've worked closely on so many aspects of this investigation and coordinated nicely with them as we always do. i want to thank and acknowledge the dedicated career prosecutors to my right who have made today possible ar lo brown, antonio apps and john zac, they're handling the prosecution on the criminal side. also christine magdo and mikea smith for their work on the forfeiture assets of the case and sharon cohen levin. let me take just a couple of minutes to go through and talk about the particulars of
.a. county sheriff's deputies, lapd from numerous divisions as well as people in fbi jackets, as well as the laairport police. you see the sheriff's department, you don't normally see them anywhere near lax so a big response here, that's the command post you that see set up in front of terminal three. >> more information is coming and we're getting more information on the suspect and more information about the transportation there and the traffic there. we're getting conflicting report, is there a ground stop issued by the faa for flights coming in or leaving lax? do you know anything about that? >> ground stop because they can't drop off passengers at this terminal. i'll pull out and show you what's happening at the end of the airport, the end of the airport that's kind of near the ocean. they're starting to line up planes and park them out, just out wherever they can, so these are planes fully loaded landing that are being basically parked out in the boondocks, part the expression, until further, so all of those are full of passengers so that will start to be a problem as people are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2